The Durham City/County CrimeStoppers Program, Inc.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any caller wishing to collect a reward for information must contact CrimeStoppers directly at 919-683-1200 and provide the information directly to CrimeStoppers.  Information provided by the tipster must lead to a felony arrest or felony charges based on a Durham County case. 
  2. In determining if a tip led to the arrest, the information provided must be deemed credible and the arrest/charges must occur within a time in close proximity to or resulting directly from the information provided.  This will be determined solely by CrimeStoppers.  Rewards are not paid for misdemeanors, failing to appear in court, or for the recovery of property.
  3. If there are multiple callers with the same or similar information only the first caller will be eligible to collect a reward.  If a portion of each caller’s information was used, then the standard reward amount will be split between the callers at a proportion to be determined by CrimeStoppers after analyzing the value of the information provided.
  4. The information provided by callers must be information that is not already known by CrimeStoppers or the law enforcement agency investigating the case(s).
  5. After providing information, callers must call back at a later time to determine if they are eligible for a reward.  Callers deemed eligible to collect a reward must contact CrimeStoppers to claim the reward within 6 months from the date the tip was provided to CrimeStoppers.  Rewards not collected expire after 6 months and will not be paid.
  6. Certain callers are prohibited from collecting rewards as follows: crime victims; callers with a vested interest in the outcome of the case (such as, but not limited to:  parents/immediate family of victims, bondsmen, etc.);  callers that are required by law to make reports to law enforcement; law enforcement officers;  employees of any law enforcement agency, whether, full time or in a part time reserve status;  CrimeStoppers board members or their immediate family; court officials to include: judges, attorneys, clerks, etc.; suspects in the case(s); defendants; co-defendants; and participants in any portion of the crime or that aided or abetted the defendant or co-defendant in the participation of the crime or subsequent flight to avoid prosecution.  Individuals working with law enforcement as “confidential informants” are also prohibited from collecting rewards.
  7. CrimeStoppers accepts tips and information about crimes in order to solve or prevent such crimes.   Users who communicate their own criminal threats or activities by making them through CrimeStoppers are not considered to be CrimeStoppers tipsters; are not eligible for rewards; are not immune from prosecution; and CrimeStoppers will not provide anonymity for these individuals.
  8. Callers agree not to lose, share, or compromise their code names or numbers.  If multiple callers attempt to claim a reward with the same code name and/or number, it is CrimeStoppers discretion as to who, if anyone, will be paid.
  9. To ensure anonymity, CrimeStoppers makes payments using cash.  Callers wishing to collect a reward will be expected to be available to collect their reward in Durham.  In the event that a caller is not local and will not be in Durham prior to the expiration of the reward, CrimeStoppers will attempt to coordinate with another CrimeStoppers program close to the caller to pay the award on the Durham City/County CrimeStoppers Program’s behalf.  If a caller receives an award through another CrimeStoppers program, the caller may need to agree to that programs terms and conditions to collect payment.  In the event CrimeStoppers is not able to coordinate with another CrimeStoppers program to make payment for any reason, the reward will not be paid via any other means.
  10. Limitation of Liability.  In no event will CrimeStoppers be liable to any caller for any special, incidental, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty, tort, or otherwise, and whether or not CrimeStoppers has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Updated 5-28-19