• Name of Victim: Guadalupe Alejandro Lira
  • Date of Homicide: 12/12/2009
  • Neighborhood: East Durham (District 1)
  • Location: 1000 E Geer St
  • Suspect Status: At Large

Guadalupe Alejandro Lira, 35, was shot to death on December 12, 2009 following a fight at the El Pantano Club at 1000 E Geer Street.

Lira was with friends when they were involved in a fight with a group of people inside the club. The fight spilled out into the parking lot and a male fired a shot at Lira and his friends as they were getting into their vehicle to leave, according to witnesses.

Lira drove away from the club, but his friends realized he had been shot, switched drivers and started driving toward the hospital. On the way they ran out of gas on the Durham Freeway and flagged down an officer.