Cynthia Kirk

  • Name of Victim: Cynthia Kirk
  • Date of Homicide: 08/21/1989
  • Neighborhood: West Durham (District 3)
  • Location: 502 Constitution Dr
  • Suspect Status: At Large

Cynthia “Cindy” Kirk, 34, was found fatally stabbed inside her home at 502 Constitution Drive on August 21, 1989. It was determined that she was stabbed in her driveway during the afternoon as she was getting ready to go to work.

A witness told officers he saw a middle-aged white male in a green sedan in the neighborhood around the time the incident occurred.

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LaJuan Coleman

  • Name of Victim: LaJuan Coleman
  • Date of Homicide: 11/19/2005
  • Neighborhood: South Durham (District 4)
  • Location: 2222 Alpine Road
  • Suspect Status: At Large

On 11/19/2005 police responded 2222 Alpine Road where LaJuan Coleman, Lennis Harris Jr., Jamel Holloway and Jonathan Skinner were fatally shot.

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David Harrison Baldwin

  • Name of Victim: David Harrison Baldwin
  • Date of Homicide: 01/07/1993
  • Neighborhood: East Durham (District 1)
  • Location: 903 Bunn Terrace
  • Suspect Status: At Large

On 1/7/1993, at approximately 8:21pm, the victim was fatally shot during a home invasion that occurred at 903 Bunn Terrace R/S.

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