• Case Number: 18-7815
  • Date of Crime: 03/11/2018
  • Type of Crime: BE
  • Neighborhood: East Durham (District 1)

The male in this image is a suspect in a commercial burglary at Juma’s Market.  He threw a large cinder block through a door to gain entry.  Once inside, he stole several cartons of cigarettes and cases of beer.

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  • Case Number: 18-3454
  • Date of Crime: 01/31/2018
  • Type of Crime: BE
  • Neighborhood: East Durham (District 1)

Investigators are attempting to identify a suspect in a B&E on Buffalo Way.

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David Harrison Baldwin

  • Name of Victim: David Harrison Baldwin
  • Date of Homicide: 01/07/1993
  • Neighborhood: East Durham (District 1)
  • Location: 903 Bunn Terrace
  • Suspect Status: At Large

On 1/7/1993, at approximately 8:21pm, the victim was fatally shot during a home invasion that occurred at 903 Bunn Terrace R/S.

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